Custom Formulation Capabilities

Obsoleted, NLA & Difficult to Source Material Solutions

As the adhesives and sealants industry continues to change at times rapidly, engineers, manufacturing personnel and purchasing managers face increased challenges in sourcing certain materials. Recognizing this trend, ACCRAbond is a niche company in the adhesives industry and has stepped up to provide solutions for military, aerospace and defense applications where materials have been obsoleted, are no longer available or difficult to source on a timely basis. This includes materials that have formulations that have been altered or changed by the manufacturer resulting in unacceptable physical properties or performance. With extensive knowledge of Military (MIL) and government specifications, including Weapons (WS) and Missile (MIS) specifications, ACCRAbond has specific experience that is relevant to delivering solutions for companies that operate in the military, aerospace, defense and general industry verticals.

ACCRAbond has complete development and lab testing capabilities. We provide in-house destructive testing (tensile, lap shear, compression, T-peel and flexural tests), including the temperature environments from -65⁰F to 500⁰F. Our environmental chamber allows for testing of materials at programmed levels of humidity, temperature and time. Additionally we can measure cure kinetics and glass transition temperatures with DSC and TMA equipment.

ACCRAbond provides formulation and development work with the following types of adhesives and sealants:

  • Anaerobic Sealants - Threadlocking, Sealing, Gasketing and Retaining Compounds
  • Epoxy compounds - One & Two part systems - structural compounds encapsulants/conformal coatings laminating resins – brominated and non brominated (FAR 25.852 compounds) fairing compounds
  • Adhesive primers
  • Special project consulting

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